Whether it be man to man...


...or something on a larger scale,



if you like armored combat like this guy likes armored combat, then

consider War Camp MMV for a weekend of fun, frolic and bruises aplenty.



Some of our amenities include:

grisly mine struggles



gallant cavalry actions,



determined castles assaults,



ferocious village raids,



and fields


and fields.



And that's not all. With the addition of our waterpark we can offer:

naval engagements



and some of the narrowest bridges available.



Depending on you tastes, you can choose your opponents from our

diverse and well trained staff of:







English Men-at-arms,


the flower of French Chivalry,


and maybe some swashbuckler types.




And, as the days draw to a close, there are plenty of opportunities

to relate the days tales,


grab a bite to eat,


or get in one last fracas at the pub.



War Camp MMV...

Because watching the movies isn't as fun as living them...


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**stillshots borrowed from the following DVD's: 13th Warrior, The Warlord, The Messenger, Flesh and Blood, The Longships, The Vikings, The 3 Musketeers, The Last Valley, The WInd and the Lion, Henry V, and Zorro, the Gay Blade.**